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“Thai Phellinus Mushroom (Phellinus linteus)” – a Thai Herb that Can Suppress Cancer — Another Alternative Treatment to Reduce the Risk of Side Effects from Chemotherapy

A Chula professor, in her local mushroom research, unveils “Thai Phellinus Mushroom (Phellinus linteus)” as having a destructive effect on cervical cancer cells. Additional research is currently being done to confirm its potency and low side effects, before making it available at an affordable price.

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Tips for SMEs to Boost Online Food Sales by Chula Marketing Expert

Chula marketing expert suggests marketing tips for SMEs’ success in food delivery β€” know your strengths, know your customers, and use eye-catching food images as appealing as the food taste.

“Baiya Vaccine” from Chula — a Testament of Thai Mastery — Coming this September

Chula Pharmacy prepares to test “Baiya Vaccine” a Thai vaccine against COVID-19 by “Baiya Phytofarm”, a Chula startup. The vaccines have been produced at the first plant in Asia that manufactures plant-based vaccines for humans. Clinical trials with volunteers and the research for the second-generation vaccine to fight the virus variants are to commence in September 2021.

In Beautiful Death – A Life Course One Needs before It’s Too Late

Because “death” is the end of every life, Chula is offering “Beautiful Death” – a new class on Chula MOOC to explore the meaning of life through a quality death.

Chula Researchers Caution Against Online Gambling during COVID-19

According to Chula researchers the volume of online gambling has soared during the COVID-19 pandemic, posing a serious threat to minors, and the government should urgently tackle this problem.

Don’t Let the Raging Virus Put Life in Jeopardy. Chula Recommends How to Build an Immunity for Your Heart Against Stress and Depression

Cumulative stress, denial, and chronic depression are the byproducts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The Center for Psychological Wellness, Chulalongkorn University recommends ways to cope by harnessing positive energy from our heart.

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Source: Chulalongkorn University Annual Report 2563 B.E.

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